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Fibonacci Day

It happened that this year, Thanksgiving Thursday fell on the same day as Fibonacci day: the day of the year which is in November, the 23rd day of the month. This is known as Fibonacci day because it is 11/23, the digits of which are one, one, two, and then three. And the Fibonacci rule is that 1 plus 1 is 2, and 1 plus 2 is 3, and so on. The next number in the sequence would be 5, and then 3 plus 5 which is 8, so if you live long enough to see autumn of 2058, you could see super-Fib day on 11/23 of the year 2058, which also gives you the 5 and then 8. Even better, in the year 5813, you would also get the next number, which is the sum of 5 and 8, or thirteen. But who’s to say that by then years will still be counted the same way as they are now. This day in the current year is special because it is also Thanksgiving. This has one chance in seven of occurring in each year, so this year we were fortunate enough to witness this coincidence of days. It was like when Thanksgiving was also Channukah at the same time because Channukah came earlier, and Thanksgiving came later than usual. I celebrated Fibonacci Thanksgiving with a traditional Thanksgiving lunch and dinner feast with my family. Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year.

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