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A Circuit of Electricity:

This is a fun poem from a few years ago. A copy of the poem hangs in my dad's lab. Enjoy!

A Circuit of Electricity:


Michael Curzan

The battery is the essential part:

Where a circuit can end and start.

Then an electric conductor or wire

Carries the current away from the source,

And through all the parts of the entire

Circuit runs this electric force.

Two common circuit components are:

The lightbulb, shining like a star,

Converting electrical energy into

Radiant energy; and the spinning

Electric motor, moving through

A full turn back to the turn’s beginning,

Which from electricity does create

Mechanical energy at a fast rate.

If you have a switch and you can work it,

You can turn on and off a circuit.

A switch, by moving a wire inside,

Can change the state of the circuit from

Open to closed. Where a switch does reside

Affects what part of the circuit will become

Altered by the switch when it moves.

The on-off state is what a switch improves.

When there is just one motor or light,

There’s only one way to power it right

In a circuit with just one battery.

But if there are two lights or any more,

There are multiple possible circuits, you see.

These types of circuits are fun to explore.

In series, the circuit wires never split,

And the total resistance dims the light;

In parallel, the circuit branches, and it

Is possible to have all the lights be bright.

The final thing I’d like to say

Is watch out for short circuits every day.

When the current has a chance to flow

Straight from one battery terminal to

The other, that’s where it will go,

And a short circuit forms, its true.

Short circuit are dangerous without a doubt

Because they heat up and can cause fires.

They also wear the battery out

With so little resistance on the wires.

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