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RUSH Best and Worst of Moving Pictures and Signals

I think it's time for another Rush ranking post. Here are the songs from their albums "Moving Pictures" and "Signals" ranked from worst to best, in my opinion.

Moving Pictures: This one is such a magnificent album that I had a hard time ranking them because they all could be number one. This is my attempt, however, to rank them. I am counting the ten-minute track "The Camera Eye" as one song rather than two, as both parts are pretty much identical.

Number 7: "Vital Signs" -- This is the odd one out of this album, and it seems to belong more in the next album, "Signals".

Number 6: "Witch Hunt" -- This one is a bit slow, and it also is a bit of an odd one out, though still a very good song in its own right.

Number 5: "Limelight" -- This one is an excellent song, but still not the best of this album.

Number 4: "YYZ" -- This one is a great instrumental, but there are still better songs than this.

Number 3: "Tom Sawyer" -- You might have expected this to be the number one entry, as it is played very often on the radio, more than most others Rush songs. Yet, as amazing as this song is, there are still two songs that beat it.

Number 2: "Red Barchetta" -- This one gains second place because of the great guitar solo, as well as the engaging story told through the lyrics. It also is great for anyone who loves vintage cars.

Number 1: "The Camera Eye" -- This is the very last ten-minute track that Rush ever made, and it is certainly the best one of the Moving Pictures album. Everything is superb, from the lengthened intro to the lyrics to the song's conclusion. This song is seriously underrated, even within this single album.

Signals: This is the first album to not have any extraordinarily long songs since Fly by Night, but I suppose By-Tor and the Snow Dog might count as an extraordinarily long one, so that makes "Signals" the first album without them since the band's debut album. This album represents a change in style to a more synthesizer-filled type of music, which would get more strong in the coming albums. Well, here is my ranking, in my personal opinion.

Number 8: "Losing It" -- This is pretty slow and sounds like a filler song.

Number 7: "Countdown" -- This is about a space launch, but otherwise it's pretty unremarkable.

Number 6: "Chemistry" -- This one is better, but it is still rather unremarkable.

Number 5: "Digital Man" -- This one has some nice tempo changes, but it isn't as good as it gets.

Number 4: "The Analog Kid" -- This one also has tempo changes, and the intro is very nice and catchy.

Number 3: "New World Man" -- This one is pretty much the perfect short and simple Rush song. However, there are still some songs from "Signals" that are better than this.

Number 2: "The Weapon" -- This one is a great song about fear. It also has great instrumentation and lyrics. But there is one more song which beats it.

Number 1: "Subdivisions" -- This is the best of "Signals" in my opinion. It really captures the feel of the entire album. The lyrics are nice and wonderful, and the use of synthesizers is really great in this song. This certainly deserves the top place on my list, in my opinion.

So that is my ranking. If you would like to tell me your ranking, please do so in the comments. Thank you



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