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Ten RUSH Songs I Would Recommend for Beginners

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

There are over 160 songs by the band Rush. However, many of them are quite complicated songs, and they are not easily accessible or understandable to someone who has not heard of the band before. So I have put together a list of ten songs that would be nice for an introduction to the band. Therefore, their epic songs would not be on this list, as those would require some prior experience to fully appreciate. Also, their Clockwork Angels album would definitely be off the list, because its conceptual format is definitely for seasoned fans of the band. It is worth mentioning that I am only recommending the particular songs listed, not the entire albums, because while one particular song might be good for a beginner, the entire album is often not. So, here is my list.

Number 1: "Working Man" -- This is a very relatable song for many people, as it is about going to work for a living. It is rather long, but it is such a relatable song that most people would enjoy it even if they had never heard of Rush before.

Number 2: "Lakeside Park" -- This wonderful song is about the joy of being a child at a carnival or amusement park, which is very relatable for anyone with memories of being at a theme park when they were younger. Plus, it is a very nice and beautiful song.

Number 3: "Closer to the Heart" -- Although this song is the sequel to the song "A Farewell to Kings," it can still be enjoyed by people who have not listened to the first part of this song sequence. It is very short, and the lyrics are easily understandable, which is quite rare for this band, so anybody can have a good idea from the start just what it is about. It is also simply an amazing song.

Number 4: "The Spirit of Radio" -- This is a song about songs that are played on the radio. Again, this is a relatable experience for most people, and the song is just spectacular. It is pure Rush at its finest.

Number 5: "Freewill" -- This song, despite its unusual time signature, has a very catchy beat and very nice sounding music. The lyrics are a bit on the philosophical side, but they're still entertaining even if you don't catch all the meaning, which is remarkable.

Number 6: "Tom Sawyer" -- Many people already know this song from the radio, and because it is so widespread, and also a very good song, it is one I would recommend to anyone who is first learning about Rush. It also serves as a gateway to experiencing the rest of the Moving Pictures album.

Number 7: "New World Man" -- This is a simple song with easy to understand lyrics, like "Closer to the Heart," but it still has a nice meaning behind it, and it is a very good example of a song from this band. It is the perfect shorter song by Rush, and I would recommend it as something for a beginner to try.

Number 8: "Bravado" -- This is another rather simple song. The lyrics are quite short and repetitive, but they are very meaningful, and it is another great example of a shorter Rush song that is very good. Even if the deeper meaning of it takes a few listens to fully grasp, it is definitely one I would recommend.

Number 9: "Roll the Bones" -- This song is excellent, and it is another song that is pure Rush, and a rather large radio hit as well. It is very funky, and it also does something no other Rush song does, because it has a rap song section in it. The lyrics are about taking risks and comparing life to a big game or gamble, with descriptions of winning and losing. It is one I would recommend, and it is also a nice gateway to the rest of the Roll the Bones album.

Number 10: "Half the World" -- This is the last song, chronologically speaking, that I would recommend to a beginner. The lyrics are very simple, yet they pack in so much meaning. It is easy to understand, and yet quite a deep song. The reason I say it is, chronologically, the last song I would recommend to a beginner is that the rest of its album consists mostly of sub-par songs, and the albums after it are too complex and generally too high-level for the average person to be interested in without prior knowledge of the band. And that is my list of the ten songs I would recommend for beginners to Rush songs.

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I really enjoyed your explanations for the top 10 Rush songs for beginners💙

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