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This Leap Year 2020, I am partnering with St. Jude

Leap Year 2020:

Every four years, there is an extra day. This is because the Earth takes around 365 and one quarter days to go around the Sun. To make it more accurate, every century there is a day taken off, so that where there normally would be an extra day, they is actually no extra day. Because 2020 is a multiple of four, but not a century year, it therefore has an extra day -- February 29th.

This year, I have chosen to partner with St. Jude to raise funds for families struggling with a cancer diagnosis. This is a charitable cause that is easy to support and I am trying to make a difference in the lives of these children and families.

With your help, if I reach my fundraising goal of $2,500, I have the opportunity to attend a leadership conference in Memphis, Tennessee this summer. Will you consider taking a "leap" and joining my efforts this leap year 2020? Thank you.

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